DAW: Cryptic Studios

“MMO forums: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

Okay, so that’s not quite how Obi Wan cautioned Luke, but it’s no less accurate. Of course that makes this thread all the more impressive. It is a 46 post, 5 page, (as of this writing) thread started by a community member asking the devs to post a surprising fact about themselves. Quite a few of the Cryptic staff have posted and nearly all the player posts are on topic and respectful. There’s one person asking about a problem but the they were very apologetic about derailing the thread, most surprisingly no one followed up to troll them for it.

So my thanks and today’s DAD go to the Cryptic Studios staff (community and dev), for their follow through on their promises of better communication with the community. It’s made the last two months of Champions Online much more enjoyable.

If you haven’t already, go checkout Scarybooster’s Developer Appreciation Week posts, and if you’re doing any yourself please send me and Scary a link.


  1. Pete SNo Gravatar says:

    I saw DAW in the title of this and I was thinking “Book Publisher.” 🙂

    But thanks for the thread link!

  2. Well said, Blue! I just did my part for DAW, Cryptic gets a hug from me too, obviously.

  3. AnjinNo Gravatar says:

    I caught that thread when I was researching a bug. It was so much fun that I actually missed the post where they addressed the bug I was looking for. 🙂 The road has been a little rocky, but I think Cryptic is doing their best and I really appreciate it.

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:

      I only saw the thread via a Twitter post by Stormshade, although I probably would’ve run across it during my usual dev tracker check.

      Yeah, it was very rocky for at least January and February, but I’ve been very happy with the change in communication and their follow through on forums posts and things like the Friday PvP matches.

  4. YeeboNo Gravatar says:

    Got my first one up. I took some liberty with the DAW idea, hope you guys don’t mind 🙂

  5. ScaryboosterNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah, it is all about love to the Devs for a week. Just put down our guns and pick up our harps. I plan on doing it next year too and I am grateful you all have taken the time to support the devs. Thanks guys:)