Fleet Action Organizing

screenshot courtesy of Longasc

The members of the Federation News Service are organizing a fleet action for this weekend.

Since most of us are now somewhere between Commander and Read Admiral, Longasc was thinking it would be a good time to get everyone together for a Fleet Action since those are now scaling to player level. We have a few options, personally I would prefer a space one such as the Gorn one in Tostig system or the Klingon one in Laurentian system.

So, leave a comment with your preferred day (Fri/Sat), time, and mission. I’ll update the post as we get close to a consensus.

I’m not sure how the scaling works since I haven’t done a fleet action in a while, but I would say any ranks are welcome to join, you may die a lot though.


  1. AmuntothNo Gravatar says:

    I’d be inclined to suggest Friday, but since this just came out today maybe we should make it Saturday so that everyone can find out about it, and then plan to be there. Probably later in the day too, since that seems to be when MOST people get on, though there are a few that prefere earlier.

  2. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Since I forgot to include it in the post… I can do either day, timing is more important for me. I have family in town this weekend so 8 or preferrably 9pm Eastern (GMT-5 now, I think) would be the best time.

  3. LongascNo Gravatar says:

    I am probably online anyways or I will at least immediately notice that you go online in STO through the friendlist. So no worries, I am always there.

    If you want to be euro-friendly, remember I am 6-8 hours ahead in time of Canada/USA. 8 pm ~ 4 am in Europe, not my favorite time. 🙂

    But if you are online then, it is no problem for me either. I don’t have to work on Saturdays and I shop for food on Thursdays, not on Friday or Saturday like Joe Average. 😉

  4. I’ll be online tonight (Friday) and I miiiiight be traveling this weekend, so my presence Saturday will depend on that and whether or not the hotel will have good internet if I do.

  5. rowanNo Gravatar says:

    Earlier on Saturday would best for me. I think my daughters and I are going to a high school stage play on Saturday evening 7:00 p.m. CDT.

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