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Fun Should Be It’s Own Reward

…MMO players, as a whole, do not do activities for fun’s sake if a better reward for equal effort lies elsewhere. – Justin “Syp” Olivetti, Massively

So true and yet so sad. Personally, given a choice between two activities, I’ll take the one that’s more fun regardless of any in-game reward. I understand the min/maxing achiever mentality about as much as I do morning people. *shudder*

Rog on E3

Rog summed up my feelings on E3 pretty well:

All this rhetoric at E3 about blurring the lines between games and other entertainment– I just want to play good games.

Twitter Wisdom – Psychochild

Failure isn’t terminal. The question is: what wisdom was gained? No wisdom = true failure, otherwise there was some benefit.

@Psychochild, Brian Green

Twitter Wisdom – Rog

One of my biggest nightmares.. in 10 years if some kid says “What’s the Internet? Do you mean Facebook?” I don’t want that future.