Last time I posted, I was enjoying Fable 2 but not loving it.  It turns out that I didn’t have to restart my character.  Apparently I had turned off the game without saving my progress so the marriage and a couple of evil actions I had performed were undone.

After sinking fifteen more hours into the game, I can now say that I’m loving it.  I think the major problem was getting over the initial learning curve.  There are so many activities, with very little structure, that you can get to a point where you are missing some expressions that you need but haven’t yet gotten.  That’s how I got into the situation where my character was married, his wife was constantly asking for sex, yet he hadn’t picked up the social action needed.

Having completed the sortyline as a good/pure character.  I’m working through the story again as an evil character.  I haven’t decided yet is he’s going to be totally corrupt or not.

The story itself is very good and there are several interesting moral choices that come up when playing.  Some choices even have game play repercussions.

Fable 2 Follow Up
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