Adventuring in Minecraft Multiplayer

Exciting times! With the implementation of the health system in Minecraft Survival Multiplayer, it’s finally possible to adventure with friends.

The current server is not changing. Instead, I’m making the second server, which used to host singleplayer showcase maps, into an adventuring server. This means health, animals, and monsters will all be on, but PvP will not. This server will use the same security as the builder server, so fell free to bounce back and forth between the two.

Everything’s ready to go, except for one thing: the map. I’ve generated three that I think look interesting. Leave a comment with your vote for one of the four options below.

Update: Voting is closed! Option 1 was the winner.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

They all suck, any more choices? Or, I just generated a cool one in single-player, can we use that one? Zip it up and send it to me, but only if it’s a brand new map, unexplored and no buildings.

    • I did some exploring on another SMP server which had monsters on and the creeper is bugged at the moment in that it simply disappears when it tries to explode, doing no damage to players or the environment. However, the lag between server and client makes hitting mobs tricky because it’s hard to tell exactly where the mob is in relation to you when you swing etc…spiders are almost impossible to hit.

  1. I REALLY like #1 for the variety. Two is great for the amount of trees, but it’s a nightmare to build in a forest as far as survival goes. I think 3 is a good compromise, you’ve got open spaces and an area with a lot of trees and some variation, but I still think #1 is my favorite.