Despite my best intentions, I didn’t log into Rift until Thursday evening. It turned out to be excellent timing though since I noticed a guildie was standing next to me when my Mage, Kae, appeared in Meridian. One with a familiar name. A quick check of the guild roster confirmed it was my good friend MMO GamerChick. What are the odds that the first time I log into Rift in weeks that I’m standing next to someone I know.

Any-who, GC and I chatted a bit and she ran me through the cake quest before heading off to bed. I spent the rest of the hour I played restoring my PvE Stormcaller/Elementalist/Dominator role back together. My other two roles (Healer and PvP) were reset as well, but I didn’t bother with them. I want to research Chloromancers before I rebuild my healing role, and I was never really happy with my PvP role so I don’t mind just starting from scratch.

I also checked in on my alts. My Warrior and Rogue were fine but my Cleric was reset as well. Fortunately a reset at level 18 is much easier to deal with than it is at 50 and i quickly had my Shaman/Inquisitor/Warden back up to speed.

So now that my characters are playable it’s time to see the world. With the XP boosts available until the end of the month, I don’t want to spend too much time with Kae, but he’s my main and I want to make sure that any limited time titles or pets that I get, I get for him.

So this weekend I hope to revisit my favorite places in Telara with Kae before exercising my alts and getting some levels on each of them. All three are around 18. I find it easier to switch between classes if I’m always in the same general area. Between rested XP and the half-iversay event bonuses maybe I can get them all up to 28?

Feel free to leave me any suggestions for things to see and do.

Back in the saddle again.
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4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again.

  • August 27, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Say, which server are you on? And US or EU?

  • September 1, 2011 at 6:44 am

    i’m running 4 different specs on my mage, 5 if you count the lower lvl mage i also have. i can’t claim any of these specs are my original work, but i enjoy each of them.

    World PvE:
    34 Necro/32 Warlock/ 0 Chloro
    34 Ele/ 32 Chloro/ 0 Archmage or Chloro
    – both are pet builds, both are robust with good single target DPS and decent, if not stellar, AoE, and incredible survivability.

    51 Chloro/ 15 Archon/ 0 Archmage
    – 51 Chloro and pretty much anything else = mage healer. i like Archon for the buffs, but virtually every other soul will work there as well.

    Warfront PvP:
    51 Dom/ 15 Chloro/ 0 Archmage
    – lots and lots of AoE CC, but a bit squishy – but i’m still only rank 2, so i’m doomed to be squishy. the spec *is* pretty fragile 1v1; in fact, i’m just roadkill most of the time. it’s ok in WFs, because you’re rarely alone, and if you are, then no rank or build will save you; it’s got great AoE CC and strong AoE DPS, so you can get KBs and high damage numbers with this build in WFs.

    World Pvp/ PvP rifts:
    34 Dom/ 32 Chloro/ 0 Archmage
    – this build has great great survivability, some decent single-target DPS, and doesn’t sacrifice *too* much CC – i can actually kill people 1v1 in this spec. it’s my choice build for any time i might get jumped by the other side.

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