Sunday night was Fleet Night in Star Trek Online. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to go. I had been playing Shadowrun: Crossfire all afternoon, and just barely losing, and I really wanted to keep at it until I finished a Crossfire mission. But it’s kind of bad when you don’t go to an event you’re organizing, besides having Fleet Nights was supposed to get me playing STO more regularly. So I logged in and figured if no one showed up then I’d go back to Shadowrun.

Scopique and Ocho were already one though and Mindstrike, Talyn, and Warren all showed up as well, so we ended up having a pretty good night. We plowed through the Crystalline Catastrophe and Azure Nebula Rescue, and then Defera Invasion hard missions (which were slightly more bugged than in previous weeks), and then finished the night with Undine/Voth space battlezone. It was a fun night. Ocho was just coming back to the game after an absence and we kind of pulled him straight into the fire with us, but he did fine.

So the Fleet Night experiment continues. For me at least, it’s doing exactly what I’d hoped by getting me to play more frequently.

STO Fleet Nights
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2 thoughts on “STO Fleet Nights

  • September 17, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Still lost. I might have a post on that soon. Most times coming back to a game, there are a few changes, but holy hell. STO changes mechanics like I change my pants. So much is different, and I don’t feel like I was away for *that* long. I mean, I ride in the Dyson Science ship, I’ve done Sphere content. Yet soooo much has changed. ESD, Fed starting missions, new Borg missions, Traits, Doff revamp, crafting. I’m glad I’m getting it out of the way now as opposed to Delta Rising release, when *EVEN MORE* mechanics are changing.

    I remember playing around launch. That game compared to STO now, they may as well be two entirely different games.

    Of course, setting up Voice Attack is fun, and feels very appropriate for STO. Love saying commands like “Brace for Impact” or “Full Power to Weapons” and the ship responding. 🙂

    • September 19, 2014 at 9:34 am

      I hope you change pants slight more often than that. 🙂 I can relate though, it seemed like everytime I tried to get back into Rift all my builds had been reset and everything was changed, which made it super hard to get back into. Usually I’d spend an hour getting things set back up before logging out for another month or two and starting the whole cycle over.

      I haven’t tried Voice Attack, I heard about it from the Star Citizen forums, I’ll have to give that a shot sometime.

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