Thing Two

So, if you follow me on Twitter or G+ then you already know this, but the baby Mrs. Kae and I were expecting on the 26th decided he’d had enough and showed up on the 9th instead. Meet Thing Two, aka Little Fuzzy Monkey:

Thing Two

Luckily Thing Two is already very different from his brother: he sleeps. Thing One wouldn’t sleep more than an hour or two on his own for the first few months of nights, and it wasn’t until he could roll over that he started sleeping well on his own. Thing Two had one rough night  (well three if you count the two in the hospital) until the Mrs. figured out he would sleep in his swing if we put a blanket on it.

So in an unexpected turn of events, I’ve actually been playing some MMOs at night. Of course, I’m not signing up for any three hour raid windows, but I didn’t do that before either. Who knows how long this will last, he’s only ten days old after all, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts and adjust when it changes.

Another year older.

Today’s my birthday! For the last several years, I’ve taken today off from work, dropped my son at daycare, and then spent the day playing as many video games as possible. This year was a little different, my wife had a sonogram today to check on the baby and find out its gender.

Turns out I’m having a boy!

This will be my second boy, as Little Kae (whom I may begin referring to as Thing One) is three now, and down for a nap so I can still sneak in some gaming this afternoon. Hope everyone else is having a great day.

Weekend Cuteness

With all the news and chatter and drama from the Turbine annoucements today, I thought a little cuteness was in order for the weekend. Plus, I’ll take any excuse to post a picture off my son, that’s what proud papas do. Have a good weekend.

Moria T-7 Days

Only seven more days until Mines of Moria goes live!

Unfortunately, I have had no time to play games recently.  My son, Lukas, was born on October 31st (yup Halloween baby), so my evenings have been dominated by diaper changes, feeding schedules, and anything else I can do to support my wife.

This means that any games I play cannot require more than one hand and must be pausable, so no MMO’s.  We’ve also had a lot of company staying with us, so no Xbox for me since the living room is always in use.

I did get to play World of Goo (which I got through Steam) for about 45 minutes on night.  I was trying to get the baby to sleep and needed something to keep me awake.  But that’s been it for the last 12 days.

My son will only be 18 days old when Moria releases, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get a full hour of play-time during the first week.  I may not be able to do much with my Hunter, but hopefully I can get some time with the new classes.