I seem to have taken an extended, unintentional break from gaming. I did get some time in STO last Tuesday to check out the coming Season 4 changes on Tribble, but that’s been it.

Instead, I’ve been up to my eye-balls learning the Android OS. I finally got tired of waiting on the Bionic to come out and instead picked up the Thunderbolt. I’m actually pretty impressed with my self-control as my contract was up in early April and I managed to wait until mid-June. In the end, I realized that specs aside I’d rather patronize HTC than Motorola. HTC’s shown more willingness recently to serve their customers, plus IĀ realizedĀ I preferred the HTC’s Sense UI over Moto’s Blur and I can lock in an unlimited 4G LTE data plan now, just in case.

So instead of logging into any MMO’s or firing up the Xbox 360, I’ve been playing with my newest toy. Learning the OS, checking out tons of apps, and learning the programming APIs. I’m still working up the courage to root it, but seeing half a dozen apps I can’t uninstall is helping.

It may seem odd, since I’m a Java developer professionally, to also spend my time doing the same thing all weekend. But after working on ten year old websites all week, getting to play around with a brand new platform is pretty fun. Besides, I have a couple of utilities I wrote for my old BlackBerry Storm that I want to have on the new phone.

Regardless, I’m sure my odd combination of OCD/ADD will have me back in Telara and the Alpha Quadrant soon.