Ubisoft never disappoints me.

I love the Anno series of games. I love the art style and the game mechanics involved in city building. The combat systems are a bit rough, but I normally turn those off. The real challenge for me in those games are building a stable trade web between multiple islands.

Despite my love for the series, I haven’t and won’t be buying Anno 2070. I want to, I really do, but I think it’s asinine of Ubisoft to include their patented must-be-online-POS-DRM in a single player game that’s available through Steam. Why on earth I want to deal with two layers of DRM? Especially when the one layer that’s not needed and offers zero incentives isn’t even managed properly.

New Anno? Can’t wait!

I saw via RPS yesterday, there’s a new Anno game on the way and it’s set in the future of 2070 instead of the past. There’s not too much detail yet. Going to the Anno page and clicking on the game’s link gives a page cannot be found error which is disappointing but the kind of sloppiness I’ve come to expect from Ubisoft. Publisher concerns aside, I love this series of city building games and I’m looking forward to a modern/future setting.