Feature Episode series comes to the STO Foundry

Authors from Starbase UGC have teamed up to make a six part series on the level of Cryptic’s Featured Episode series. I can’t wait to check the first one out come October 1st, while I really enjoyed the Romulan expansion my favorite character will always be my first Federation one, Bryn, and I’m looking forward to have some appointment playtime like in the first years of STO when Cryptic was doing their features.

Check out their teaser trailer.

Catching Up

Lots of newsworthy events this week.

Minecraft Beta 1.4 is out and has cookies and wolves. Beds will now your spawn point too. This will be great for going on long distance exploration where I can setup a base camp and not have to worry about getting killed and going all the way back to the original spawn point of the world.

Cryptic brought the Foundry online. The launch seems to have gone smoothly, and players are busily remaking old mission from the beta on Tribble as well as making new missions. The Delta Flyer crafting mission is also up and involves a daily mission to scan anomalies in a shuttle.

Rift’s patch 1.1 is out and adds a ton of fixes plus the River of Souls event. One of the great quality of life updates is separating the cool down on potions by type, so now I don’t have to worry about throwing an explosive philter and locking myself out of using a healing potion for the next two minutes.

One the Xbox side of things, there’s new DLC for Mass Effect 2, apparently this is the last bit of content before Mass Effect 3 comes out. I can’t image the new content tops lair of the Shadow Broker, but anything the puts me back in the ME universe is good fun.

Lots of stuff for me to play this weekend, too bad it’s not a three day holiday weekend.


Today’s is supposed to be the big day! Foundry day! According to Dan Stahl, the Foundry has been on Holodeck (the live server) in internal testing for a few days. I’ve been keeping an eye in the Dev Tracker over the weekend and this morning but no mention of when it’s supposed to be activated. Of course Cryptic is a few timezones behind me, so their Monday hasn’t really started yet.

I haven’t said much about the Foundry, but I am looking forward to making some missions. I played with the Foundry a bit on Tribble a few months ago, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time there only to have to recreate missions on Holodeck. I’m also excited to see some of the great content that people have been producing on Tribble get remade on Holodeck and played by a wider audience.

Update: I heard on Twitter from @StarbaseUGC that the Foundry goes live at 10 AM PDT (which is GMT-7).

Update 2: As of 1:18 EDT (GMT-4) Foundry is live! Hopefully it’s a smooth and easy day for the STO servers. Dan Stahl has posted an FAQ.