Fallen Earth Dropped

Well the reprieve for Fallen Earth has expired.  My current subscription is up tomorrow and I’ve set it not to renew.  I’ve played maybe an hour in the last month.  It is a good game and pretty fun, but the setting just hasn’t drawn me in.  I don’t mean the game isn’t immersive, because it definitely is.  Maybe it would be more correct to say that the setting didn’t engage my imagination.

When I play LoTRO or Champions, I’m not just grinding quests or mobs.  I have an inner dialog going on where I think about why my character is doing what he’s doing and what he thinks of the events he’s experiencing.  I get very attached to my MMO characters and most of them have a background story.  Often the story develops while I’m playing and I don’t always write them down, but any character that I play for a while develops some kind of background.

Even with my general lack of interest, I might have kept the subscription active for another month or two in the hopes that something would click for me.  Unfortunately, my MMO schedule is going to get more crowded over the next six months, not less.  Star Trek Online is in closed beta now, open beta is planned for late January, and release is February.  My interest in LoTRO has resurged lately, partly because of the coming Mirkwood expansion and partly because of a good kinship I joined.  I’m also continuing to enjoy Champions and EVE Online.  If anything, I may have to take a break from EVE when STO comes out, depending on what the available subscription options are and how well the beta goes.

So unfortunately, Fallen Earth, its not you, its me.  I hope we can stay friends.