Want to see me talk about MMOs? I’m on Episode 49 of This Week in MMO on

If you haven’t heard of it before, the Gamebreaker network is hosted by Gary Gannon (one of the founders of GAX Online) and TWIMMO is their weekly MMO news show.

While I’ve done guest spots on a couple of podcasts, they were all audio only. Doing a video show was new, exciting, and a bit scary for me. There’s a big difference between being able to talk and not worry about people seeing your reactions or fidgets, than being on camera. Plus this was the first time I’d done a show with a live chat room.

I ended up having a really good time. It’s always surprising to me how fast an hour goes when recording a show.

Podcast Insanity with Multiplaying

I got to do a podcast over the weekend with the crew at Multiplaying! I hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to do, I had a ton of fun chatting with Steve, Jason, and John.

Click on the graphic to go check it out (the badge will make sense after you hear the intro) and be sure to leave a comment on their post if you want me back on.

Guest Hosting on MMO Reporter

Want to listen to me ramble instead of just read it? Well you’re in luck, Chris and Bill had me on Episode 12 as a guest host. We cover the usual of what we’re playing and the current news, and then we get into a good discussion of episodic content of the STO-kind.

SUWT #65

Hey guess what! I’m back on the Shut Up We’re Talking podcast again on Episode 65. I had a great time again talking with Darren and Karen, and enjoyed meeting Jeremy for the first time.

Besides the usual listener mail and what we’re playing, we talk about the MMO news (and lack there of) from E3 and try to answer Justin’s Daily Grind questions regarding Ignorance is Bliss.

Go give it a listen, and be sure to check out the Blogs of the WeekMMO Gamer Chick (my favorite), Tradeskill PerspectivesMy Gaming Life, and CuppyTalk.

A little side note, Darren’s BotW section has always been a great feature, and that’s where I first found several blogs that I really enjoy, like Anjin’s Bullet Points blog.

Podcast? Podcast!

So Darren, from Common Sense Gamer, displayed as surprising lack of common sense and allowed me to be on Shut Up We’re Talking episode 58. Seriously, I’ve been excited about this for weeks now. I sent Darren an email after episode 56.5 where he asked for people who wanted to be a guest on the show. Of course, I didn’t think he’d actually reply back.

I had a great time doing the show. Huge thanks to Darren, Karen, and John for letting me talk their ears off, both on and off the air. Usually, I’m talking to myself in the car when I listen to them, so at least this time people in traffic weren’t staring at me.