Ground Combat Video

As promised yesterday, I’ve uploaded a couple of videos to Youtube.

Not ground combat related, but here’s a quick peek at the new animated loading screen. It’s a minor thing, but I like that it adds a bit more Trek feel of the game.

Next, here’s two quick snippets and one longer one of the new ground combat. The first is from Stranded in Space,┬áthe remastered mission where you rescue the crew of the Azura. The second and third are from Collateral Damage,a Borg mission on Hotep IV in Gamma Orionis.

Finally, I cut together a series of clips showing the new FX for the different weapon types. I didn’t try to rotate through all of the different damage types, so most of the clips are for Tetryon and there’s two Antiproton, but it does show all of the new primary and secondary attacks.

Want to see me talk about MMOs? I’m on Episode 49 of This Week in MMO on

If you haven’t heard of it before, the Gamebreaker network is hosted by Gary Gannon (one of the founders of GAX Online) and TWIMMO is their weekly MMO news show.

While I’ve done guest spots on a couple of podcasts, they were all audio only. Doing a video show was new, exciting, and a bit scary for me. There’s a big difference between being able to talk and not worry about people seeing your reactions or fidgets, than being on camera. Plus this was the first time I’d done a show with a live chat room.

I ended up having a really good time. It’s always surprising to me how fast an hour goes when recording a show.

Catwoman: Arkham City?

I’ve watched this trailer more than a dozen times today and I’m still not sick of it yet.

Ironically, I haven’t actually finished Arkham Asylum yet even though I keep planning to. Maybe this’ll provide the missing incentive?

When Catwoman was originally announced I didn’t really care. She’s an interesting side character but Batman is always the main attraction of Gotham City. The gameplay footage in this trailer looks amazing though, it almost seems like she could carry the whole game. Almost.

Catchy song too.

Super Marios Theme

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like platformers and I have especially bad childhood memories of the Mario games. When I was a kid, playing Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo usually involved half an hour of rapidly increasing frustration culminating in shutting of the console and going to my room to read or outside to play (so technically playing Mario was good for me I suppose).

I wanted to provide a little background to emphasize how cool this is, and if you like that check out the rest of Jack’s Youtube channel as well as his band Pomplamoose. It’s good stuff.