Wish List: Cover System

If you could have one thing added to or changed about the MMO(s) that you play, what would it be? I’ve been playing some of the DLC in Mass Effect 2 and some ground missions in Star Trek Online, and this has really made me wish that Cryptic would implement a cover mechanic.

I don’t remember it being a problem at earlier ranks, but at Vice Admiral, I’m finding that I often have to constantly stay in motion (often running backwards) because of melee opponents rushing me. While this does make ground combat more exciting, it also gives combat a bit of a Benny Hill feeling. This might just be because I’m playing a science officer, but that really just impacts which kits I can use (which affects which abilities I have access to) not what kinds of shields and armor I can equip.

A cover system would lead to battles that look more like what I’m used to seeing the the television series and movies, where people are shooting around corners or from behind rocks. The game’s current aim, sprint, and roll mechanics would still be useful and maybe actually more so than now. The major change would be the impact to melee NPCs and tactical officers.

By adjusting the cover available on maps and the stats on the sprint mechanic, I think there’s a way to balance between the current system which leads to enemies sprinting right up to you and then beating you senseless and keeping everyone pinned down behind crates for ten minute phaser battles.