Captain’s Log 88734.94

Captain’s Log Supplemental, Stardate: 88734.94
Vice Admiral Bryn Aev, U.S.S. Auryn

After endless hours of meetings with new species, scanning archaeological sites, and seemingly constant subspace chats with Ambassador Sugihara, I’ve been granted an Ambassador-ship within the Federation Diplomatic Corps. With my ongoing command duties aboard the Auryn, it’s not a typical posting though. Instead of heading off to an Embassy somewhere, the Ambassador rank gives me more flexibility when dealing with the new species we’re encountering in the Orellius Sector Block and the deteriorating political situations in Romulan space. Even with the speed of subspace communications, it’ll be nice not to have to wait on Starfleet Command to respond when I need to improvise.

Privileges aside though, I’m not sure I like the uniform.


  1. TipaNo Gravatar says:


    But — where’s the Orion slave girl?

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:

      You know I completely forgot about that. I’ll have to check with Personnel and see if there are any pending Officer Exchange candidates.

  2. Thac0No Gravatar says:

    Grats!! Good luck on picking the right slave girl too its a tricky process.

  3. Congrats! So now that you’ve done it, in your opinion what is the most efficient way to get up to Ambassador rank?

    And the uniform is fine! It only looks off because Bryn needs a little more meat on his bones! 😛

  4. Gratz on reaching Admiral Ambassador!

  5. AyAtichNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations, man! I must say, that dress jacket is very… slimming.

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