I’ve been enjoying EVE a lot.  Being a sandbox MMO, you really have to come up with your own goals in order to have fun, so it makes a nice complement to a more standard MMO like LoTRO (ignoring the whole scifi vs fantasy argument).

CCP does a great job keeping the game fresh and adding enhancements and fixing issues.  Case in point, I’ve been impressed with the scanning update in the Apocrypha release.  It is 1000 times more usable now that it was before.  I have scanned down a wormhole, and I did pop through briefly, but I’m not equiped to deal with sleepers and given that I’m still in an NPC corp I probably won’t be for quite some time.  The other new feature is the new player experience.  I am planning to create an alt and try out, but I’m holding off until I get DOW2 finished.

My only complaint with the Apocrypha rollout was getting it.  When I launched the EVE client, the patcher didn’t update.  The client wouldn’t login because it recognized an invalid build number.  I had to spend about an hour on the forums to find the manual download links for two patches.  I understand that problems happen, but there’s no excuse that the new patch links weren’t listed on the patching page.

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