I don’t like spam, not like anyone does, but I understand why email spammers do it.  Send out enough email and you’ll get at least a few people to click on a link, it’s not like sending an email is expensive.  I don’t understand blog spammers though.  Why would a spammer take time to continually try to post spam comments to a blog?  Is it intern spammer training?  I don’t get it.

What prompted this whole train-wreck of thought was my comment spam queue.  I check my spam comment queue sporadically, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly.  When I checked the queue today, there were 248 spam comments ranging from 4/10 to 4/18.  What’s interesting though is they are all for the same post.

The spam filter I use works very well, I’ve had zero problems with spam comments showing up and I haven’t had to mess with moderating commenters, so the comment spam is more interesting than annoying.  Still, spammers seem to really like that one post.

Comment Spam
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