I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how/why I got started with MMO’s.  Partly from filling out the questionaires for Randolph over at Grinding to Valhalla, but also from Syp’s Firsts Meme over at Bio Break.

First MMO Played?


First Character Class/Role Played?


First MMO Subscribed For More Than A Consecutive Year?

Dark Age of Camelot

First MMO You Fell In Love With?

Dark Age of Camelot, I could actually level by questing instead of grinding MOB’s.

First Guild You Really Felt Attached To?

Hammer and Anvil from DAoC.  I was in a pickup group with several members of this guild.  We had so much fun, I got a Guild invite while we were in the group.

First Character/Game You Leveled To End Cap?

Brynulf on Landroval in LoTRO both to 50 the original cap and again to 60 after Moria came out.

First “Wow” Moment In A MMO?

The earliest moment I remember is in EverQuest, I was at the beach near Freeport and the sun was rising/setting.  I actually stood there and watched it for a couple of minutes.

First MMO You Burned Out On?

EverQuest after months of playing 8 hours a day.  After a while I just got tired of MOB grinding, and trains, and having elite MOB’s wandering around in the midlevel areas stomping me.  My biggest gripe was how little actual questing there was in the game.

First MMO You Followed Avidly Prior To Launch?

City of Heroes, it was a superhero game and I was a big comics nerd.  This was also the first game I closed beta tested.

First Time You Felt Truly Noobish In A MMO?

EverQuest – I was playing a wood elf and was trying to find my way through the woods in the dark.  I didn’t understand zones and was trying to use the map that came with the game to find my way around.  I ended up running around and around the zone border until the sun came up and I could see.

First MMO You Went Alt-Crazy In?

I’m going to cheat and give two answers: EverQuest and LoTRO.  In EverQuest I kept making alts and fiddling around with them, maybe getting a couple of levels.  In LoTRO I have five alts all at level 20, and my goal is to get them all to level cap.

MMO Firsts
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2 thoughts on “MMO Firsts

  • May 6, 2009 at 9:42 pm

    Your MMO history is oddly similar to mine. My first ever toon was even an EQ Wizard. What classes did you dig in DAoC? I played all the bolt casters (Eldritch, Runekeeper, Wizard). Also enjoyed a lot of the Hib melee classes.

  • May 8, 2009 at 9:28 am

    My first and favorite class was the Shaman, I did like the Thane and Runemaster too. The Shaman was an odd choice for me since I usually preferred caster classes. I really liked the Midgard realm and the Troll race, so I didn’t spend much time trying out any of the Hibernian or Albion classes.

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