The patch notes for Book 8 are out, and while there are lots of nerfs and other changes people are concerned or upset about, there are some small but nice improvements.

One bright note in Book 8 is a change to buying stackable items from vendors.  Up until now, you’ve had the option of either buying one or buying a full stack.  As a hunter, I always like to keep a full stack of travel rations.  Often I’ll get down to about 20 left and want to stock up, but that means I either need to buy a full stack of 50 and take up an extra bag slot until I use the 20 I had left, or I have to buy 30 rations individually.  Book 8 will add two options:

  1. Holding ALT when purchasing will pop-up a dialog and allow you to specify a quantity.
  2. Holding TAB will fill all of the stacks in your bags.

The TAB option will be perfect for me, I’ll just need to be sure I only have one stack of travel rations or I could end up carrying 100 around instead of 50.

Turbine is also adding a new /ui command to allow users to save and load layouts.  This is nice for people (like me) who have lots of alts (I’m using all seven character slots).  Now I can save my hunter UI layout and load it on a new character without having fiddle with rearranging all of the windows manually.  I can also setup different layouts by resolution so when I switch from my desktop to my laptop and back I don’t have to manually readjust everything.

The maximum stack sizes of consumables have been increased: food to 50, reputation tokens to 100, traveling rations to 100, crafting ingredients to 100, potions to 50.

There’s also a crafting revamp coming with details in an upcoming dev diary.  Some of the changes mentioned in the notes though will be nice:

  • Optional ingredient drops will have clearer tool-tips, the drops will be simplified, and resource nodes will be able to produce them.
  • Lots of adjustments to minimum level requirements for crafted items.
  • Make All button added to the Crafting window.
  • Common crafting ingredients that are sold by vendors will now say so in their description.

None of these changes is big, but small things like the vendor stacking change can be a daily annoyance and fixing them will only make the game better.

As the patch notes say: It’s the Little Things That Count

Little Things Make a Big Difference
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