2009 Q4

My plans for the remainder of the year are to continue with Champions, Lord of the Rings Online, and Eve as my primary games.  Which ones I play will depend on what I’m looking for out of a given session.

Eve is my pickup and drop game.  I can take 30 minutes and do a mission, or I can do a little mining as a background task while I catchup on podcasts.

LoTRO is the one game I’ve ever made to max level.  Despite that, I’ve not finished either Volume 1 or 2 of the epic quests, which is my current goal for hunter Brynulf of Dale.

Champions is my new experiences game.  Of the three games I imagine I’ll be playing this one the most, for how long I’m not sure, but at least through the end of the year before I take a break.  Taking a break is fine too, since it and LoTRO are lifetime subscriptions so I don’t feel that pressure to get my month’s worth.

It will have been a good MMO year if I can finish it with: a Drake in Eve, having completed Volume 1 in LoTRO, and a max level hero in Champions.


  1. xXJayeDuBXxNo Gravatar says:

    Nice, three different types of MMO’s means less chance of getting burnout.

  2. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    I noticed last year that while playing both LoTRO and Eve. Switching from fantasy to sci-fi and from PvE to Sandbox was pretty fun. Have to see how well Champions fits into that cycle.

  3. YeeboNo Gravatar says:

    LoTRO and DDO are taking up most of my time lately. They are both fantasy, but with wildly differing playstyles. Plan to swap out CO for DDO if and when I get bored with DDO.

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