Brynulf, Bearer of Hope

Bearer of Hope

As I mentioned on Twitter last night, I finally completed the Volume One epic quest in Lord of the Rings Online. Council of the Secret Fire members Azzera (loremaster), Kelmric (captain), Phebe (hunter), Telebrethil (warden), and Brynulf (myself,  hunter) joined up with Narmeleth to defeat Mordrambor and Mordirith.


left to right: Telebrethil, Brynulf, Phebe, Azzera, and Kelmric

Having Volume 1 completed is a great feeling of accomplishment, very much like when I first hit max level. Incidentally I also hit 65 last night, but the novelty has worn off of that experience since this is the third time I’ve hit max level with Brynulf.  Finishing Volume 1 was fun and rewarding for me, not because of any difficulty involved, but because of the amount of time I had invested. I’ve been chipping away at Volume 1 since the game launched, which also means that I’ve had at least one quest log slot dedicated to a Volume 1 epic quest for the life of my character.

So now it is time for Brynulf to make a victory ride on his new white horse back to Moria and tackle Book 5, Chapter 5 of Volume 2.


  1. Huge congratulations! That’s awesome and very inspiring!

    Looking forward to hearing where you go in LotRO from here. 🙂

  2. Wow congratulations! As someone who is still only.. .. well. Tiny, to say the least in LotRo I love being able to experience the game through those who have gotten well beyond what I have. Woot!

  3. Gratz! I’ve only completed Volume 1 on one of my two mains so far — we’ll have to get another Council group together at some point to tackle 15.12 again!

    • The rest of my alts are in their 20’s so it’ll be a while, but I know Daevin and Lyl and a few others are around Book 14 or so, so I’m sure we’ll be organizing additional runs soon.

  4. Congrats on getting through that, BK. I know that’s not an easy thing to do.

    I can’t wait until they make the whole thing soloable and I get to completely devalue your achievement. 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to that, it is nice to run through these instances with friends but I would love to be able solo as needed.

      Even though we’re both kidding about devaluing the achievement, some people actually think that way. For me the value is always in seeing the content and how the story turned out.

  5. I already congratulated you on Twitter, so let me instead wish you good luck with Vol. II Book V Chapter V. If I recall correctly it is the “three instances in a row” chapter. I suggest you do all three instances in one session, otherwise you might get stuck repeating them to get in a group.

    • Thanks! It’s pretty funny to think that this all started when you and Tele asked in kin chat if anyone could help on an instance.

    • They are a huge time investment, not even counting the fact that they span from levels 1 to 50. It is well worth it though just for the lore/story, not to mention the cool horse you get when you finish. 🙂

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