Max Level Hero

A few weeks later than some and much later than others, the Silver Hunter reached the level cap in Champions online last night. This is only the second game where I’ve hit the level cap, with LotRO being the other. Unfortunately Twitter sharing didn’t seem to be working so the level advancement wasn’t broadcast. Good thing I have a blog then.

I also finished the Vibora Bay crisis mission last night. Until now, the Monster Island crisis has been my favorite mission in the game, but Vibora Bay’s blown it away. This is one of the few times I’ve ever wanted to finish a mission arc just to see how the story comes out. I’m very much looking forward to exploring the zone proper now that I’ve completed the crisis.

Now that Silver is max level, I also have access  to the Unity missions and Nemesis Confrontation, and I’m looking forward to trying them both out. Plus, I really should finish up the character post about Silver that I’ve been working on forever.

  1. Grats again 🙂

    I can relate to you about the level cap thing. Very few MMOs hold my interest long enough to hit the mid-to-late levels, much less the cap. In the average MMO, I get most of my enjoyment from sticking my head in and taking all the systems out for a drive. What are the avenues of character advancement? What classes are available and how do they work solo and in a party? How does crafting work? What is the lore about and how is it presented? What are the major sights to see?

    It seems like in most MMOs you learn 80-90% of what there is to know about the game in the first 10-20% of the playtime it takes to hit the cap. There aren’t a ton that have held my interest once I was done exploring.

    • Absolutely! This weekend and next are busy with family stuff, but after that. I’m imagining with the time difference it would need to be a Friday or Saturday, otherwise I’d fall asleep at work.

    • He is, although he looks very different in Champions from how he looked in City of Heroes. I’ve been meaning to post a comparison of my heroes from both games, I’ll have to finish that up.