Trek Season Two is Online

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Star Trek Online Season 2 was released yesterday. Tipa has a good overview of the update, and there’s a lot of detail in the release notes, so I don’t want to rehash it too much.

Two of the big highlights: skill cap (level) increase and diplomacy.

The skill cap was increased allowing for new ranks of Rear Admiral Upper Half (yeah I know but it’s canon) and Vice Admiral. In WoW-terms that’s a level increase from 45 to 51. There’s also new high level content to match, but I haven’t done any of it yet.

The big feature I’ve been excited about is the addition of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. Cryptic has added a diplomatic rank system to the game. There are seven new non-combat missions to Memory Alpha, Vulcan, Bajor, and Starbase 39 that are quite good (and include some branching). Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to do any First Contact missions on the live server (Holodeck) since that requires the Attache diplomatic rank, which I haven’t earned yet. I have played a few of those on Tribble though and they were interesting, although I’ve enjoyed the investigations on Bajor and K7 (one of the missions that starts on Memory Alpha) more.

I also spent a lot of time scanning anomalies, which is not something new for me, but now that there’s a signal matching mini-game, those missions are a bit more interactive.

I’m planning a few non-spoiler, in character, write-ups of those episodes. Hopefully the first one will go up on Friday.

  1. I appreciate you pointing out that the Upper Half bit is ST canon. I was wondering where that oddity came from. Have fun with the space diplomacy!

  2. I asked around, and it’s common to introduce someone by their full title, but no one thinks naval people actually go around calling people “Rear Admiral, Upper Half, this!”, “Rear Admiral, Upper Half, that!” It’s so annoying the way the game does it. “Great to see you here, Rear Admiral, Upper Half!” “I’m glad you were able to work things out, Rear Admiral, Upper Half!” “Would you care for a cup of coffee, Rear Admiral, Upper Half?” ARGH.

  3. Nice to hear the new season was released, as didn’t know that. As well the new level and missions, sounds interesting. If only I could find a compelling story to match my Starfleet MIA status on federation mission to match my return.