STO Team Growing

While Cryptic did have a high-level departure, they’ve also added a new designer, named Jesse Heinig, to the STO team.

Not a name I recognized, but based on some Googling and forum diving, he was a designer involved with the original Fallout games and worked on the Trek RPG for two years. Sounds like an excellent addition to the team.


  1. AnjinNo Gravatar says:

    Sweet. Always good news to hear that Cryptic is filling positions. I hope the new guy gets up to speed quick and has fun working on the game.

  2. Sweet, always great to get more talent for STO!

  3. I’m excited to hear this, too – growth and intelligently chosen new hirers are good things! I’ve also read on the forums that Cryptic_Gozer, the main man behind the the Task Force stories, might be returning to Cryptic, too.

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:

      I saw a forum post from Stahl that hinted at that. Gozer returning would be cool for two reasons: nice to have him back for Task Forces and it would reverse some of the perception that people are fleeing the team.

  4. YeeboNo Gravatar says:

    That news gives me a lot of optimism for STO. It must be doing pretty well.