More Famous than I Realized

I logged into LotRO recently because I wanted to check out these mysterious obelisks that had popped up in Eriador. I found the last obelisk in Enedwaith, which reminded me that I had unfinished business with the Grey Company. This led me to notice that my reputation with several factions had changed.

When did I become kindred with the Iron Garrison Miners?

I don’t know of something changed or I’ve just not been paying attention, but either way I headed to the Twenty-first Hall to see if there was anything new that was available to me. I bought the Jolly Hunter tome which unlocked Improved Fleet Stance, which is pretty useless to me but I wanted to unlock all of my class traits.

Unfortunately that and a short crafting session wiped out the small three gold savings I’d accumulated recently. So I’m more famous than I was but much poorer.

  1. For 1560 skirmish marks and 1 superior mark or ~1980 skirmish marks you can get a “scroll of empowerment” which improves the rank of legendary weapon legacies. These sell on German servers for 12-15g.

  2. A month or two ago the quests in Volume II, Books 1 – 6 now give Moria reputation. This was done retrospectively, so even if you did these quests a year ago, your character will be update with a whole bunch of Moria rep 🙂

    • That must be it. I was hoping I haven’t made kindred without noticing since I did want to fill in my missing class trait. Thanks!