Well not now, but Monday I did feel mostly dead.

I was on a good run with posts two weeks ago, and then nothing. Well last week I was playing Rift much more than was healthy for me. This week, I’d intended to start on Monday with a Rift update and cover a couple of topics that had been festering in my imagination, but a little bought with food poisoning put a stop to that.

With out going into the gross details, I want to say that my perception of the seriousness of food poisoning has changed drastically. I’d always thought it was along the lines of a rough night in the bathroom (washroom for you Canadians) similar to what happens when you drink three pints too many. Well that’s part of it, I woke up at 2:30 am on Monday morning and didn’t spent a miserable 4 hours. What I wasn’t expecting was the way it sapped my strength and stamina for days afterward. I was hit a lot harder than my wife was, but we were both laid up all day on Monday napping off and on. Even now days later, I’m planning to go to bed early, which is entirely out of character for me. My usual bedtime is 12:30 or 1 am. Last night I went to bed at 10. Food poisoning is vicious and much more serious than I ever gave it credit for being.

Thankfully, my son’s been picky about food over the last week and he didn’t eat the chicken that made my wife and I so sick, so at least we didn’t have a miserable two year old to contend with as well.

Mostly Dead
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