I’m getting near the end of the leveling curve. Even into the 30s it was possible to get roughly a level a day, but around the  mid-40s it dropped to about half a level a day. Even with the slower pace, I’m not feeling any kind of grind though because of all of the different activities available. There’s crafting dailies, quests available in three different zones, the world event dailies, and Warfront PvP.

Kae reached level 48 tonight and if all goes he’ll be 50 before the weekend is over.

This will be the fastest I’ve ever gotten to the level cap in an MMO. It’s not been any easier than any other current MMOs to level, but I’ve just been playing more consistently and for longer periods. The game has been very well designed, I’ve not run into any dead spots in the PvE game. There are always quests available for my character’s level, and in the later levels there are more quests than I need and multiple zones to go to. Aside from the game design, being in Circle of Trust has also made a difference. Knowing that there are always people online to chat with and do dungeon or rift runs gives me incentive to login every night.

Almost there…
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