Too much of a good thing?

I was very impressed with the speed and quality with which Trion updated Rift for the first several months after it launched. World events, new types of rifts, and even a cosmetic system were all added much faster than I expected or hoped. Now that I’m contemplating logging in after a couple of months off, I’m starting to see the negative side of Trion’s incredible productivity.

In the past, when LotRO was newer and development on the game was more active, I could take six months off and still get back up to speed quickly on the changes. After only two months in Rift, I feel like I’m treading in some deep water. There’s new dungeons, tons of class changes, and my roles have all been reset.

I guess it is possible to have too much of a good thing, but it beats the alternative.

  1. I admit, if I wasn’t having such a great time in WoW right now I would most definitely be playing Rift. I did buy and play some but at the time I was in a state of MMO burnout I guess you could say so I didn’t really get to experience all the greatness that people talk about with Rift.

    • It is definitely a good game, I ended up taking a break because of the CoT guild disbanding right around the time I got a light case of burnout. If you’re having fun with WoW though, I can’t see a reason to try Rift again. You really only need to play one PvE fantasy MMO at a time.

  2. They do make it very daunting in a very short time. I took a week off when a patch was coming out and I felt lost. The game changes so rapidly from moth to month. I’m seeing a trend in it tho. The changes are just the same stuff reskinned. It’s easy to get used to it. I’m nit at max level yet tho so I don’t know about the dungeon stuff. I’m more of a solo player

    • I think the big thing that threw me was logging and having blank roles on my Mage. I need to dig through my screenshots and find my last set of builds, then I have to look and make sure those builds are still decent. It just makes getting back in feel like I have to do work before I can have fun, and that’s just a bit too min/max-ish for me.

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  4. It’s funny to think of that as a bad thing, but it does make coming back to a game very daunting. I think that’s why, upon returning to an MMO, I usually start a new character.