Fleet Training Exercise Debriefing

The first fleet training exercises of the Federation News Service went well, once we got things figured out. The original plan was to get as many captains together and attempt a Fleet Action. Unfortunately we found that Fleet Actions are currently rank restricted, meaning that Commanders go to a different instance than Captains who are in a different instance than Admirals. This was problematic since we had three Rear Admirals, one Captain (me), and one Commander. Originally this wasn’t the case, but I know there were issues with scaling when an Admiral would spawn the initial instance, so I can understand why the instances are restricted. Plus having a rank include 10 levels means that the Fleet Actions are still fairly open. Still it meant no Fleet Action in Tostig for the FNS. Instead we headed to the Beta Ursae sector block to find a few Deep Space Encounters, these weren’t quite challenging enough, so we headed into Cardassian space to the Kora sector in Zeta Andromedae.

We also had some problems getting everyone into the same instance. Apparently the DSE’s are capped at five players, so when we entered an existing one our team was split across multiple instances. Switching instances isn’t hard, but it is a pain when you have to wait for spaces to open up in the instance where the rest of your team is. What the game should have done was spawn a new instance for us if there weren’t any that could accommodate a full team, I guess I need to go to the suggestion forum and make a post.

Once we were all in an instance together, we did have quite a bit of fun. This was the first real team experience I’ve had in STO, and it was interesting to get the hang of coordinating with other players. I have teamed up in the past, but not in situations where I needed to worry about tactics or keeping an eye on my teammate’s shield indicators.

All in all it was a good learning experience and a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to our next Fleet engagement and hopefully I’ll be a Rear Admiral, grade 1, by then.

I did take quite a few screenshots, or at least I though I was, but I’ve been having an issue where Fraps sometimes doesn’t recognize my game. I did take a few using the built-in screenshot function, which I’ve embedded below or you can look at them here.

Tipa did get a good shot of the fleet and a good write up (as always). Longasc has quite a few good shots as well (the link is the starting point for the fleet exercise).

Click here to go straight to the Picasa album.

Fleet Action Organizing

screenshot courtesy of Longasc

The members of the Federation News Service are organizing a fleet action for this weekend.

Since most of us are now somewhere between Commander and Read Admiral, Longasc was thinking it would be a good time to get everyone together for a Fleet Action since those are now scaling to player level. We have a few options, personally I would prefer a space one such as the Gorn one in Tostig system or the Klingon one in Laurentian system.

So, leave a comment with your preferred day (Fri/Sat), time, and mission. I’ll update the post as we get close to a consensus.

I’m not sure how the scaling works since I haven’t done a fleet action in a while, but I would say any ranks are welcome to join, you may die a lot though.

Founded the Federation News Service

The yesterday’s fleet forming attempt was a success! With Tipa as the Senior Editor, meet the founding staff of the Federation News Service.

Pictured from left to right: @Caylinn, @Aurangzeb, @BlueKae (me!), @Tipa, @khaaaaaaan!, and @Vannikar. Not pictured: @camenecium. These are all character handles so you can look us up in-game for an invite if you’re interested in joining.

I’m looking forward to having a group to fleet up with for a change and doing some task forces,  if I ever get promoted from Commander. My career has been stalled a bit and I’m not sure if it’s because of blowing off Admiral Grigori Yanishev when he requested I investigate a Romulan attack on a dig site or just coincidence.

Upate: Caylinn also has a writeup over at MMO Gamer Chick. Also, I wanted to mention that even though a lot of the current members are bloggers and Twitterers, that’s not a requirement.