Founded the Federation News Service

The yesterday’s fleet forming attempt was a success! With Tipa as the Senior Editor, meet the founding staff of the Federation News Service.

Pictured from left to right: @Caylinn, @Aurangzeb,Β @BlueKae (me!), @Tipa, @khaaaaaaan!, and @Vannikar. Not pictured: @camenecium. These are all character handles so you can look us up in-game for an invite if you’re interested in joining.

I’m looking forward to having a group to fleet up with for a change and doing some task forces, Β if I ever get promoted from Commander. My career has been stalled a bit and I’m not sure if it’s because of blowing off Admiral Grigori Yanishev when he requested I investigate a Romulan attack on a dig site or just coincidence.

Upate: Caylinn also has a writeup over at MMO Gamer Chick. Also, I wanted to mention that even though a lot of the current members are bloggers and Twitterers, that’s not a requirement.

    • I’m hoping to join in some of the task forces (what Cryptic decided to start calling raidisodes) once I get up to Admiral rank. Given my pace in Champions though, it might take me a bit.

  1. Hey BlueKae,

    Great post but I noticed a typo that you might want to fix. Maybe I just have a really dirty mind but when I read “not sure if it’s because of blowing of Admiral Grigori Yanishev” I didn’t immediately realize that the second of was off. Anyway I loved the post and I’ll see you in game.

    • Whoops, thanks for the catch Amuntoth, fixed. Yes, off was the intended word. If it had been the other thing, I would’ve hoped for a faster promotion. πŸ˜‰

    • Well if you’re curious, I would boil it down to this test. Are you a Star Trek fan? Are you okay with a combat only game? Are you not looking for a fully realized sandbox world like EVE?

      I enjoy STO for it’s short episodic play-style, and for immersion into the Star Trek universe. But it is not yet a fully realized world. I think it will get there, based on Zinc’s published plans, and I’m enjoying myself in the meantime.

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