I’m definitely going to get this game and play it.  The question is, which platform?

If I get the PC version I have to look at the DRM involved, though the PC version should offer more flexibility in mods and community add-ons later.

If I get the Xbox 360 version, DRM is not an issue but I’m limited to DLC for any additions to the game.  And, as always, I’ll get achievements and gamerscore points.

The primary decision point, though, is probably going to be location.

I’m married.  We have one high defenition television, which is in the living room.  This means my Xbox 360 is also in the living room.

My PC is in my office.

I share the living room with my wife.  I don’t share my office.  That means I can play more often on my PC than I can on my Xbox.

Fallout 3 – Xbox or PC?
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