I have considered getting Wrath of the Lich King several times and resubscribing to WoW.  Each time I do, I think about what level my characters are, and that kills the impulse.  Se, my highest level character is in the mod 40’s.  So I would have to slog through 30 levels of original and Burning Crusade quests to get to the new stuff.  No thanks.

So, how many former WoW players out there are in the same place?  Given the scope of the player base past and present, that number has to be pretty large.

When Burning Crusade came out I snapped it up and re-activated my account.  I was interested in the new races and rolled up a Draenei Mage.  The first 20 levels were great, and I thoroughly enjoyed the new zones.  But after 20, it was back to the same old same old.  To understand how sick I am of the early game content let me point out that I shifted servers from PvP to PvE once and had to restart my main.  I’ve also played quite a few alts to try out some of the different classes and races.  All told, I’ve played through the 1-30 levels nearly a dozen times, and I just can’t bring myself to do that again.

So as well as Wrath is doing, how much better would it sell if there was a way to pull new players or lapsed players with low-level characters into the new content?  Some way to allow players to create a new character at say level 68 so they can jump straight to Northrend?  Blizzard could charge a small fee.  There could be an unlock quest in the 20’s somewhere.  Blizzard could just limit characters created this way to the Northrend continent, or require a quest or gold fee to unlock the other continents.

None of this is unprecedented.  Guild Wars allows players to make a max level character, but only allows access to some basic skills and requires you to play through the game to unlock additional skills.  Dark Age of Camelot developed a similar problem where 98% of the player base was max level and the lower half of the content was empty.  They allowed players to auto level alt characters via a slash command once they’d leveled at least on character to max level normally.

I may get back into WoW eventually, but with the expanding level cap and the way Blizzard has been consistently abandoning old content I doubt it.

Why I’m Not Playing Lich King
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2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Playing Lich King

  • January 26, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    I have to say I’m in about the same situation. I restarted my main when she got to level 50 or so so that I could play on my own account, rolled a different class, got to level 64 and just ground to a halt not knowing what to do or where to go, and just being sick of PUGs when I prefer group play to solo play. And since they raised the level cap on me again, frankly I can’t be bothered to chase it, as slow as I go.

    I’m playing Guild Wars now because it has no subscription cost, a lower maximum level, and you can hire people to fill out your party.

    • January 27, 2009 at 5:37 pm

      I agree that the general quality level of PUGs seemed pretty low to me in WoW, largely due to the massive numbers of players spread out over not just levels but servers as well. That combination yields a higher average number of idiots and really seems to spread them around widely.

      Glad to hear you found a game in Guild Wars. I played myself for while, but I have problems getting immersed in highly instanced games.

      LoTRO has been a good fit for me because of the lifetime subscription option and the smaller player base yields higher quality PUGs on average.

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