Joy and Tranquility

This weekend, my goal is to practice finding joy in the little things in life. To relax and live in the moment. Plus, I’ll take any excuse to post a photo of my son Lukas.

Have a good one everybody.


  1. xXJayeDuBXxNo Gravatar says:

    Dude, your kid is adorable!

  2. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    I have a theory that babies must be cute (both people and animals) so that they’re well cared for. I was cute at that age too, and could get away with a lot more than I could by high school. I keep telling him to enjoy it while he can.

  3. YeeboNo Gravatar says:

    That is a cute kid 🙂

  4. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    Very cute! Enjoy the weekend, Brian!

  5. AspendawnNo Gravatar says:

    Awwwww. Extremely cute!