It was a productive weekend for me, at least in Rift. Kae reached level 40 and splurged on a new mount, the Nimble Silver Eldritch Steed, which gives a nice 90% increase to movement. It looks like a very uncomfortable to ride though and sounds a little clanky too.

I also finally got around to trying out some alternate roles. My main build so far has been a Stormcaller/Dominator/Elementalist with nearly all of the points in Stormcaller. It’s been a lot of fun, but I’ve been feeling like I’m missing out on a part of the game by not trying out some other roles.

Since I’ve mostly been soloing lately, I decided to start easy and try out an alternate soloing build, so I focused most of my points on Elementalist. I added Dominator to that with just a few points to buff up Transmogrify (I love being able to turn mobs into squirrels) and Pyromancer with zero points. Once I had my action bars set, I headed out and proceeded to get killed multiple times.

At first I was thinking that maybe Elementalist was just gimped, then I noticed that the Greater Earth Elemental I summoned was lower level than the Lesser Earth Elemental that I normally use in my Stormcaller build. Doh! So… I went back to Meridian and trained up the new skills I’d acquired.

The second attempt to try out my Elementalist build worked much better, go figure, and I used it for a couple hours of leveling before I switched back to my original build. Even though it worked well and was a little more survivable than my usual build, I don’t think I’ll keep it. It just wasn’t as much fun for me to play that way.

Fortunately, I just have to spend a little gold and I can reset that role and try something else. I’m generally not a fan of the Necromancer class, but I was thinking of looking into the Warlock soul. I’ve heard it combines well with Chrolomancer for a healing build, which is something I really need to look into for running dungeons and Warfronts.

Rift Weekend
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3 thoughts on “Rift Weekend

  • March 23, 2011 at 11:36 am

    I love that steed. It was mine all through beta, and I plan on grabbing one as soon as I hit 40. 38 now, so not too far to go. You really took off on your leveling though, Mr. level 42 😛

    When I played my mage in beta, I found The Greater Earth Elemental to be a very sturdy tank. Part of it too was my ability to heal my pet which seemed too powerful to be true, like being able to channel heal it from 10% to full in like two seconds. I found as long as I wasn’t the one being attacked I could survive anything, but yeah it’s not as challenging or fun.

    • March 23, 2011 at 12:26 pm

      I didn’t have any other games, like DA2, to distract me. 😉

      I agree that the Greater Earth Elemental makes a good tank, and having the heal was really nice. I haven’t yet, but I need to look at one of the build tools and see if I can get enough points into Elementalist to get the greater elemental and heal without missing out on the Stormcaller’s fun abilities. If I can manage the survivability with the fun then that’ll be nice.

      I think my issue is just with pet builds in general. They are too indirect for me, I like to be the one doing the damage instead of acting through a proxy.

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