You know how often you see something but you’re seeing what you want or expect to see and not what’s actually there? Catching up on my news in Feedly yesterday, I caught this story on The Mary Sue (who got it from CBR here) with the title “You’re Getting Post-Serenity Firefly Stories Thanks To Dark Horse.”

My initial reaction was, “More Firefly? Awesome!” Then as I read the article the wording of the title started to sink in.


I had always hoped that if/when the Firefly Verse returned that it would pick up where the TV show ended and just treat the movie like a Marvel What If comic. I didn’t hate the movie, but and I’ll try to say this without spoilers just in case, there were some pretty significant events in the movie that felt contrived to me. They just didn’t feel like they were necessary for the story, it felt to me more like Joss was trying to just go out with a bang.

Regardless, I’m sure I’ll pick up at least the first book when it comes out, because I can’t not at least give it a shot. Still, I would’ve really loved to have seen them pickup from the last episode of the television show and give us the graphic novel version of the series that Fox screwed up.

Firefly Comics from Dark Horse
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One thought on “Firefly Comics from Dark Horse

  • September 24, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    After Serenity, I made my peace with Firefly. That film did go out with a bang. And it left the characters in a place where I don’t really want to see more terrible things happen to them. While I’m glad the superfans will get more Firefly, I’m not going to join them.

    Plus, I thought the Buffy series really went off the rails and didn’t like the prior Serenity comics at all. So there is that.

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