blaugust_450Today marks the beginning of a little experiment. Belghast has put together a community drive to get people blogging every day this month, and in a moment of insanity I decided to join in.

It’s the first time I’ve tried for a post every day schedule. Back in 2011 I tried out a weekdays posting schedule, but I stopped after a few months. I had proven to myself that I could do it but I didn’t want to make blogging feel like work. This time isn’t so much about proving anything to myself so much as it is a good community pressured way to get back in the blogging habit. After all my schedule the last two years probably shouldn’t even be described as sporadic. Maybe sparse? Besides getting back in the habit, this is also going to be an opportunity for me to finally push myself to edit less. I have a bad habit of writing posts and leaving them sit as drafts for weeks until whatever topic they deal with isn’t worth discussing and then deleting them.

This is actually a good month to do an everyday schedule. GenCon is coming up so that’ll be four days where I’ll easily have things to post about. I’m also likely to be straying from gaming more than usual. This month is a big one for me as a parent, since my oldest son starts Kindergarten on Monday. If I get especially brave or desperate for writing ideas, I’m going to write and post some fiction. Some rough, draft zero, scene and dialog snippets that occasionally pop into my head.

Post Script: Bel has some writing prompts up today and this one caught my eye:

What is your favorite grouping experience?  Even the most staunch solo artist eventually groups up, what is the best thing that has happened while grouped with other players?

My favorite grouping experience is still one of my first ones. Back in the ancient pre-WoW days I played a Troll Shaman in Dark Age of Camelot. I ended up in a random group with some people out in the PVE frontier areas and we ended up playing together for a couple of hours and having a lot of fun. So much that they invited me to their guild, Hammer and Anvil, which I think was the first MMO guild I ever joined. I still have fond memories of logging in every evening to a chorus of greetings.

It’s Blaugust!
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