Raising two sons, aged  five and two, is not easy. Well at least not given how my mine are, something which amuses my parents immensely I’m sure. Karma at work.

It does make the good moments that happen extra sweet though and I got one of those on Friday. I was picking up my boys from daycare to take them for haircuts and as we got onto the road my oldest asked to listen to music.

“What do you want to hear?”

“The hot song.”

“The what?”

“The rock song, the one we listened to last time.”

I got a huge grin then because the last thing I’d played for them had been Smells Like Teen Spirit from Nirvana’s Nevermind. An album that I literally listen to non-stop during my senior year in high school. Back in the days of tape players I had one that would automatically reverse when it hit the end of a tape and play the opposite side. So I could put Nevermind in, hit play and just listen for hours. Nirvana accompanied me through a lot of long van rides to swim meets.

Starting Nirvana playing through my phone in the truck and watching two little heads start bobbing up and down in my rearview mirror made my week.

Woot! Day 2 of Blaugust

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